Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October Report

Pronounced a la The Colbert Report, the "Oct toe bear re poor".  But anyway.

Very little has been happening around the Courtney household.  I've been working...a lot of hours.  We'll just leave it at that.  Jay and I did reach our 13 year milestone on October 14, and we even managed to take a picture together!  Granted, it's with my phone camera and posted to Instagram, but whatever.  Day and age, all that jazz.

I haven't taken pictures with my DSLR in...a long time.  I want to, but I'm not great with it and honestly haven't had the time to take it out of its case to snap a photo.  I hope to remedy this in the next month or so and maybe get a Christmas card worthy picture or cute dog photo.  You know, the standard fare around here.

As for fun stuff, I've been watching more Doctor Who and Supernatural.  I love them both and for totally different reasons.  This post accurately describes my feelings about that Doctor Who.  And Supernatural is just a great buddy show, and I'm a huge sucker for buddy shows/movies (see Psych and the original cast Star Trek movies, especially the last few.)  And cute boys.  That part is nice, too.  I've also been re-reading The Princess Diaries series, which is nothing like the movies, really.  They're so much better, and this is coming from a person who's a fan of the movies.  (What's not to like about Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway?  I mean, really.)  They read the way my mind works, and Mia really is my fourteen year old spirit animal.  If I ever have a daughter, I want her name to be Amelia James and to call her Mia.  What?  That's not normal?  Do I need to post a picture of me NOT CARING?

Tonight I am hanging out by myself (Jay and the dogs do not count as they are in the basement and wouldn't hear me scream if I fell) and baking Halloween cookies.  Specifically these and these.  The dough for both is OUT OF THIS WORLD.  I have FEELINGS about the chocolate gingerbread dough.  Jay has these same feelings for the sugar cookie dough.  It's why we work so well.

So that's where we are around here. I'm typing this while batches of these babies bake, and Jayface is playing League of Legends downstairs.  I've been doing an awful lot of complaining lately (Trusty coworker gets the brunt of this, bless his heart), but really, things aren't so bad.  I have cookies and puppies and Jayface.  And those are the BEST.

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