Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My First Quilt

A few months back I completed my very first attempt at making a quilt.  I bought a pattern and some fat quarters and set to work...probably close to a year ago.  The pattern I made was for a small lap quilt and involved simple squares and rectangles, and yet, after I cut the squares out, they languished for months waiting to be stitched together and become a quilt.  This is what my final product looked like:

It isn't the fanciest or most complicated thing in the world, but it is mine.  (And it is pretty sturdy!)  It's really more of a toddler quilt size if you ask me (but then again, I like a full sized blanket for covering up on the couch), and I plan to make one for my little cousin for her second birthday.  I would also like to make one that is four times this size for use on a bed, but, sadly, I think most of my bigger projects will have to wait for after the bar exam in July.

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