Saturday, December 31, 2011

So Close - 2011 in Review

I came so close to posting at least once at month on the blog this year.  I skipped November, and I don't feel like I've really been that busy.  But looking back on it, we got one friend moved into a new apartment, had a seventy-fifth birthday bash/family reunion for my grandmother, and did the whole Thanksgiving thing.  In hindsight, it was a pretty full month, but I do wish I'd done *something* on the blog that month.  It mars an otherwise good year.

We planted a garden and had some measure of success.  I'll definitely be doing it again next year, whether it's at The Research Assistant's home or mine.

The Research Assistant got married to a wonderful fella we all love.  We spent a good chunk of the year working on that one day, and I think we did almost a good a job with it as she did when she chose the Pharmacist.
(Photo credit to Arden Ward.)

The Quad went on the annual beach trip again this year, but we had this little addition to accompany us this time.  Spock went everywhere with us, even to the movies, and it was fun taking pictures of him along the way.  Definitely one of my favorite memories of the year.

This little guy had yet another eye surgery.  I was devastated that the trauma had happened again, but Dr. Korsch saved his eye again.  The whole team there, along with the folks at Dr. Anne England's office in Vestavia, have our unending thanks.  Other than that and the embarrassing bow he had to endure for the above picture, he had an okay year.

This thing continues to have a life kind of like Mary Poppins: practically perfect in every way.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.  She is one of the few bright spots in my life that never dims, even when I'm in the blackest of moods.

There was a lot of love from family.  
(Bottom photo credit to Douglas Photography.)

Jay and I are grateful for all of our many blessings, and we wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season and happy new year!

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  1. Looks like a great year if you ask me! :) Love the family picture and the one of you an cute! :)