Tuesday, October 4, 2011

GGA 2011 and Noodles with Chicken and Chard

The Great Gardening Adventure of 2011 was a mixed bag.

I obviously have no idea how to take care of tomato plants.  They got HUGE and barely produced any tomatoes.  This problem will be googled at some point and remedied next year.  We spent part of Sunday afternoon ridding our little garden of the eight foot monsters.  They were completely out of control, and they're season was ending anyway.

My other big problem with gardening in Alabama is the heat.  Not what it does to the plants, but the fact that I don't want to go outside and tend to them.  Or even water them.  Or even look at them because that would mean I would be outside.  Just...no.  I've got to do better next year.

However, it wasn't a total failure.  We did manage to grow some lettuce, kale, spinach, and rainbow chard, and, since we cleaned up the garden this weekend, we've replanted these crops for the fall.  They were easy to grow, and it was easy to tell when they needed a little TLC.  (They just get droopy or yellow...who knew!?)

This is one batch of the rainbow chard that I harvested.  (ME.  Harvesting things.  I die.)

This is the awesome dish I used it in.  Whole wheat noodles, boiled in well salted water.  Chicken cooked in a little olive oil with onion, mushrooms, and plenty of fresh garlic.  I added the chard toward the end to wilt it.  Then I took that, tossed it with the noodles and a handful of feta cheese, and voila.  It was so good.

The Jamesaurus does not want to share.  (But he did.  As he always does.  So long as you catch him before he eats it all.)

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