Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why I Married Him #2

Previously, on The Courtney Life...

He eats my food.  And seems to love it.  Even the weird stuff, like the Kashmiri Kohlrabi.  He loves the smell of fresh garlic when it sizzles in the pan.  He appreciates the cooking as well, which makes it all the better for me.

He has the best work ethic out of pretty much everyone I know.  I forget this because, at home, he's generally distracted by whatever video game or wimp.com video is on the screen in front of him, and you have to work hard to get his attention.  But when he's assigned a project, be it at work or school, he's on top of it and works his tail off.  I think that's why they seem to like him so much at work.  He gets it done.

He will let me sleep while he goes to Gamestop to wait for a midnight release of a video game we both want.  And then let me play the game when he gets back with it.  This is what TRU LUV looks like in the modern age, folks.

Our necks fit perfectly together. When we hug, I can pretty much rest my chin on his shoulder and worm my neck around so it's right next to his.  We match.

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