Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Compost Bin

Okay, so it's a plastic storage box that I've drilled holes in.  But whatever.  I try!  This post from last year on one of my favorite blogs, Romesticity, made me want to have a compost bin and believe that I could.  However, good plans never materialized, and it wasn't until I found a handy suggestion in this book that I figured out how to do this at our apartment.  We don't have a yard, so a traditional compost pile or even a nice composter aren't really options.  Also, it was a relatively cheap way for me to try out something new.  I'm kind of pumped.  You want to see pictures?  No?  Well, you get them anyway.

The 'brown' matter, which for me, is a mixture of torn up newspaper and old leaves from our porch.  (That I *obviously* haven't cleaned off since fall.)

After adding potting soil and what few kitchen scraps I had tonight.

My improvised compost bin.  And yes, I did drill the holes in the top in the shape of an "A".  This is what happens when I'm left alone for long periods of time.

Sorry for the craptastic quality of these photos; I did all this about 10pm tonight and had to take pictures RIGHTTHEN.  I can't be the only person this has ever happened to.

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