Sunday, March 27, 2011

So Much for Trying to Blog More Often

Sometimes life just has other plans.

At the suggestion of Jay's uncle, he and I started watching Eureka, a quirky dramedy from the SciFi channel.  (I refuse to call it "SyFy" or whatever unless compelled to under court order.)  While it is at times predictable, it's cute and entertaining and makes Jay stop to explain the general principles behind whatever scientific thingy they're encountering in any given episode.  All around winning.  So there's been a fair bit of Netflix watching around these parts. 

We've gone home a few weekends this month, and the weekends we have stayed in Birmingham have been rather uneventful.  (No garden planting or wallpaper domination this month.)  I did manage to score over 100 bowling last weekend, and if you know me at all, you know that this is a Big Deal. 

In unrelated news, it's that time of year again...we're moving!  Okay, so it's just into the apartment above the one that we're in.  And it's because they're planning to renovate ours and they wouldn't let us sign another year long lease.  And it's easier to just move upstairs than it is to move across town.  We have managed to collect even MORE books and socks, so something must be done about that.  I do plan on going through everything and taking it to a local thrift store, so that's one good way to get rid of some things.

Another "fun", moving related thing is the fact that I do not want to move a bunch of food upstairs.  It's just extra trips up the stairs I don't want to take, so we're just kind of making do with food in the pantry and freezer, which is making for some rather interesting meals.  One night this week, Jay and I are just going to have these awesomely delicious garlic rolls with some leftover marinara sauce for dinner.  I made cookies tonight simply because it meant I could get rid of the last of the chocolate chips and pecans.  My life is full of EXCITEMENT. 

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